Duncan Jimbo

Allstate Lead Generation iOS App

Role: iOS Development

Allstate Insurance approached the Manifest team looking to solve a problem with how lead data was captured in the field by agents and subsequently imported into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that is used by the company.

The solution arrived at was the use of tablets to collect information and automate the export and import of generated leads into the Allstate CRM system. To test this solution, the Allstate and Manifest teams invested in developing an iOS application for the iPad, and it was my role to build the designed application.

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App Functionality

The main purpose of the application is the creation of events and collection of lead data. As these are two different tasks for different audiences, the app itself was segmented into two areas: event creation and lead management for the agents, and contact information entry for the leads attending the event with access to the agent side of the application requiring authentication to access.

On launching the application, agents are given the opportunity to either create an event for which they would like to collect data, or optionally can access existing events that were previously set up on the individual device.

The event creation process is linear in nature and allows the agent to customize the details or requirements for each specific event including the name of the event, and what information they would like to collect. Each of these customized event forms that leads complete were made bi-lingual, allowing leads to switch between English and Spanish.

Once an event has ended, lead information can then be exported by an agent to the CRM system by a simple push of a button. This is accomplished via a web service that was developed as part of this pilot program. The export process creates a package that is sent to the web service which then parses the data and formats it for deployment to the Allstate CRM. There are other features integrated into the app, including the ability to select winners for contests run by the agents during the event, and annotation of lead data by agents to give more clarity as to the needs of each lead.

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