Duncan Jimbo

Conference Roundup Website

Role: Responsive Design & Full Stack Development

The Conference Roundup site is a side project that I started in 2010. The idea was borne out of a personal need. I wanted one website that had the lowdown on what was coming up on the conference circuit — specifically, a list of what events would interest me as a web developer. Around that time, Smashing Magazine published a blog post summarizing upcoming events over the next 6 months. I used this as a starting point for my idea, except my site would span an entire year and display a map of events to make it useful with just a glance.

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Responsive Design

Over the next few years, I revised the creative design of the site and added a few features that would help with administration, including a custom event management system. The biggest revision to the site occurred after the landmark introduction of responsive web design by Ethan Marcotte. I used the site as a testing ground for responsive design, during which I designed the entire look and feel in the browser.

More Work